Are you ready to start the process of buying a business?

How Do I Buy a Business?

  • Meet with a CBI Intermediary for a no obligation consultation
  • Provide Buyer Documentation
  • Review multiple business profiles
  • Buyer and Seller meet each other
  • Write contingent Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Perform due diligence
  • Closing attorney prepares closing documents
  • Close transaction

Advantages of Buying an Existing Business

  1. Actual results rather than pro forma.
  2. Immediate cash flow.
  3. Trained employees in place.
  4. Established suppliers and credit.
  5. Established customers and referral business.
  6. Existing licenses and permits.
  7. Training by the seller.
  8. The availability of owner financing.

*Note: Remember, ultimately the success or failure of the business is the owner’s responsibility, and there is no “perfect” business, so buyers must be flexible.

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