London, UK – Global Advisory Experts (GAE) named CBI Team in its 2019 Annual GAE Awards. The firm was chosen as the winner of the Mid-Market Business Broker of the Year in Arkansas award. Since 2010, the Global Advisory Experts annual awards have been celebrating excellence, innovation and performance from around the world. The annual awards are designed to reward those most deserving in this global and very challenging environment. They give a comprehensive analysis of the industry and a complete run through of the best of the best in terms of industry experts.

“We’re proud of the recognition. It has been our long-standing practice of having a CBI attorney support our sellers and buyers during the sale & subsequent close of a business. We bring trusted legal expertise to the table to ensure everything is managed well and in compliance to ensure a successful sale,” explained Carl Grimes, CBI founder.

GAE has become a valuable tool for business leaders, in-house counsel, high net-worth individuals, operations directors, investors, accountants, banks, and the general population looking for quality legal advice in all corners of the world and in all relevant fields. GAE now recommends over 2,000 lawyers from 140 countries in over 50 practice areas.