Business Brokers


trust CBI’s certified Machinery & equipment appraisals

Licensed Professionals

CBI activates its experienced, licensed professional CMEA appraisal partners to develop a customized approach for your project.

Broad Application

Obtaining approval for SBA guaranteed business loans secured with M&E; as part of forfeited assets; determining asset base value for bankruptcy attorneys or managing expectations for preparing CBI’s LAP (Live Auction Program) & CAP (Confidential Auction Program), your certified appraisal is the way forward.

Actionable Analysis

The thorough Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisal is defensible, substantiated, and will withstand scrutiny from financial institutions, government agencies, buyers, sellers, shareholders or partners.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or liquidating assets, CBI can deliver certified machinery & equipment appraisals. It’s too risky to rely on a single measure of an equipment’s worth; there’s too much at stake. Estimating the value of your machinery and equipment requires specialized skills from professionals with trusted expertise and certification. Our licensed appraisers will uncover fair market, liquidation, salvage value or replacement costs.