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Peckin’ Away 

Over 32 years ago while I was working as a closing agent for a title company I had sold, I conducted two closing for a business brokerage and, after seeing how angry and upset the sellers and buyers were because of the lack of communication and the way the deals changed from what they expected, some things became apparent: 

  1. Business brokerage was a great business to help meet the needs of business sellers and buyers. 
  1. There are unscrupulous operators in the profession who are only interested in collecting a commission check 

After that closing, I went home and told my wife, Kathy, that I’d found a business that could meet our family’s future needs. I wrote a business plan and in January of 1995 we opened our Grimes Business Brokerage office in Fayetteville. 

The business was founded with the goal of helping business sellers and buyers by implementing fair dealing and operating with integrity and communication. 

We morphed from Grimes Business Brokerage to Sunbelt Business Brokers, to CBI-Sunbelt Business Advisors to where we are now, the CBI Team, with four offices and 12 full-time business brokers who have helped business owners exit their businesses over 850 times.  

All CBI Business Brokers follow a process modeled on the Mayo Clinic way of practicing medicine. 

More on that next time. 

And that’s all I have to say about that……..