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Confidentially Selling Your Business Includes Pre-Screening Prospective Buyers

It’s true. Anyone can make an offer on your company. But knowing which ones have not only the financial assets but the business acumen to be a best-fit candidate is why Sellers turn to us.
Confidentiality is the highest priority when working with the CBI offices. Our processes and computer software protects your information, your company information as well as your personal information, as a Seller or Buyer.

As part of our trusted and tested processes at CBI, we work to screen candidates to uncover whether they have the financial assets available to make the purchase and keep your business running.

Prior to joining CBI in 2017 , I owned several businesses. This three-decades of experience included creating start-ups, acquiring businesses and selling them and now affords me important perspectives for my clients. I understand the concerns about confidentiality and the importance of pre-screening prospective buyers.

Long before we ever disclose the name of the business, we’re obtaining confidentiality agreements AND determining whether it’s a match for both Buyer and Seller. That’s why the CBI team makes sure any potential buyers we bring your way are ones who are serious shoppers and are able to move easily toward the closing table.

It is a necessary step.

Smart buyers expect and care about the privacy of your business information because they want to know they’re buying a business that carefully protects its reputation and its overall value.

That’s why CBI is the business that can be trusted to sell a secret – confidentially.

And, we make sure that those we tell are ones who are serious shoppers.