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The Team’s All Here

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We are delighted to share the exciting developments from CBI Team’s recent company-wide meeting at the US Marshals Museum in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  

In late January, the CBI team gathered to reflect on the remarkable accomplishments of 2023 and strategically outline goals for the upcoming year. The occasion also marked the formal retirement of our esteemed founder and chairman, Carl Grimes, after an extraordinary 30-year legacy leading CBI Team.  

As Carl bid farewell, he emphasized, “It’s not a passion for this business; it’s a passion for helping people.” In 1994, Carl initiated a transformative approach to selling businesses—one grounded in integrity and fair dealings. Under his guidance, CBI Team evolved into the largest business brokerage in Arkansas, expanding its influence across the Mid-South.  

Stepping into the role of CEO, Jon Holbert shared his vision for the future, encapsulated in a succinct mantra: “Do the right thing. Help somebody.” With this ethos guiding CBI Team Global, Inc., Jon outlined the company’s renewed focus on unity and collaboration as a cohesive team.  

Jon introduced the new corporate name, CBI Team Global, Inc., signifying fresh ambitions and a strengthened commitment to teamwork. CBI Team expressed their deepest gratitude to Carl Grimes for his inspiring leadership and to Jon Holbert as he takes the reins. 

Join us in celebrating this exciting chapter for CBI Team as we continue our journey of integrity, collaboration, and unwavering dedication to our clients.